History of Abuse


THE CHILDREN – Kaylie (age 5), Gerald III (age 3), Patrick (age 2) and Kaytlynn (age 11 days) at the time they were removed from their parents by OKDHS on 11/11/2011.

UPDATE: 5th Child born a by named Stephen taken by OKDHS at birth.

UPDATE: 6th Child born baby girl named “M” taken by OKDH when she was a few months old.



She left home in February of 2003 a few days after her 18 years old. She went to her great grandma’s (deseased) house where her grandma, my mother lived. Her grandma rented her a apartment and paid all of her bills for her. She still does to this day. If she met a guy online my mother would pay a bus ticket or gas money for her to go and meet them. They wouldn’t listen to me of how dangerous that can be and would lie to me about what was happening.


She was gone only for about a week and I found out she was having sex with a guy in the back of her grandma’s car. He became her first husband and was also was extremely physical and sexual abusive to her. He has been to jail for sexual battery and assault with intent to commit a felony. I was against her marrying him from the beginning but her grandma paid for everything and they got married. I never attended wedding. He grandma continued to pay all their rent and bills and she started smoking also and she paid for them as well. I had confronted him on more than one occasion about not forcing her to have sex with him. He was very cruel and abusive to her. He would throw her out but she would refuse to leave and he would beat her. They finally got a divorce but she was already on to another abusive relationship who would become her second husband.


She first met her second husband online back in November of 2004 and went with a friend and stayed with him several days. How I know this is because I contacted her to tell her that her two step brothers were killed by a drunk driver. She never showed up for their funeral.

At the time she wasn’t working and she never kept a job too long (a week or two). Even when she was a teen she would call me waiting to leave work all the time. She has been fired and quit many jobs.

The first thing we noticed about her new boyfriend is how controlling he was. He would get very upset if he didn’t get what he wanted. She would spend most of her time trying to please him. It didn’t take long for him to con her and her grandma to give him whatever he wanted.

Her apartment was next to a cleaner’s store and the landlord owned both. Her new boyfriend was drinking, using drugs and fighting with her alot to the point landlord had no choice but to evicted them.

They ended up moving only three houses from me. And again her grandma paid for everything. He would also use her grandma’s car although he didn’t have a driver’s licensed. He sold one of her cars for $75.00 without her permission. He also loaned out another car of hers that my brother and his ex-wife gave her to a known drug dealer for two weeks for drugs. He ended up wrecking the car.

He would constantly call us and come over and fight with us cause we would not give him money. They would be laying on the bed looking out their window and shouting things out to our other children asking if they wanted a beer. And then they would just laugh. He would steal from neighbors and even stoled all of our daughter’s stuff when she was in another town and tried to claim someone else did it. When we saw him and his cousin pack the stuff up in a car and drive away.

They also would gets pets and not feed or water them for days at a time. They would go off and leave them for days. One dog they left for several days hung himself on the fence while they were out of town. We would put food and water for the dogs over the fence cause they were hungry.

I would go over and there would be people piling out of their bedroom because they were getting high and smoking crack. They hung out with drug dealers. And people came and went all hours of the night.

He would claim that family members had died and begged people for money in order to get drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. Anything bought for my daughter by family he would sell on the streets as quick as she got it.

The day before they got married they showed up at our house and we could tell they were upset. I asked them what is wrong and he said that they were upset because we wouldn’t help them get married. My husband and I both at the same time told them both to get a job. Neither one of them had worked a job very long if they worked at all. Her grandma paid everything for them and even his fines, court costs, etc.

They begin to yell and cuss and I told them to leave our house. They refused and begin to get up in our face wanting to fight with us. I saw where the storm door was slightly still open and pushed them out of my house and shut the door. He busted out the glass of our storm door.

They went home called her grandma and the police came over and they tried to get me arrested for assault. My mother showed up and was screaming and carrying on with us. I told her to leave our yard. The police showed up. This was non stop when they were our neighbors. We had the same problem with her first husband.

The next morning he began to send me a private messages online telling me by the time he is done he would have all of my mother’s money, cars and her house. He tried to sell her house online behind her back and lives in her house right now. She has bought them brand new appliances, televisions, air conditioners only to have him turn around and sell everything. 

They were married that day in 2005. My mother paid for the licensed, preacher and all. My husband, her siblings or I did not show up to the wedding. They were threatening that if we did they would have us arrested. We were not planning to show up to the wedding. Her real dad who she accused of sexually assaulted her when she was 10 years old was at the wedding and gave her away.

Once again they were evicted and the landlord claimed he was stealing things from his locked storage. He was also stealing from other neighbors. He would hang out at crack houses also in town. As the same time while he sleeping around with different women.

This time they got a trailer in the country and again my mother was still paying for everything. They would have two or three air conditioners and would leave them on day and night and run the bills up very high and leaving my mother to pay them.

Her grandma would come out and cook for them, do their laundry, mow their yard, and clean their house. They would call her at 3 am and want to go to the store for beer, cigarettes or a drug run.

When my daughter became pregnant she didn’t have maturity clothes or anything. They never had anything for their newborn babies cause her husband and if any bought anything he would sell it. He would go off and leave her, get drunk and sleep around on her all the time. He would call us and tells us we better come and get our daughter before he beats her, again. And we would drive all the way out there and she wouldn’t leave him. They spent alot of time at drug dealers houses when she was pregnant.

When she went into labor we all went to the hospital. I was there and saw my granddaughter be born. Both of them smelled so bad I really thought the hospital would call OKDHS/CPS and remove my granddaughter as soon as she was born. I was in the delivery room and saw her be born.

Before she arrived home her grandma and I went to get the trailer ready for the baby to come home. I was shocked to see how bad the trailer looked. The place was nasty, there was dirty clothes, trash, food on plates under beds, roaches everywhere. I even saw my mother go into their bedroom and hide their drugs for them from me and she denied it but I know what I saw.

When she came home with the baby I stayed with them to help her and show her how to do everything, like change, feed, bath the baby, wash the bottles etc. We had to get everything for the baby and for my daughter. They didn’t have anything,

My daughter had no personals, no underwear, no nightgowns, no breast pads, no shoes, no socks, etc. The baby didn’t have anything she needed. So, we went and got what we could for them. The baby’s father could care less. The first few nights the baby was home he left and stayed out all night and my daughter would wait up almost all night for him to come home. And he came back high and drunk at 2 or 4 in the morning.

He got the mail one day and was all excited about how much food stamps they would be getting with the baby here. He told my daughter they could have ten children and get alot of food stamps and was very excited.

I came out to their trailer one night and I opened the refrigerator and there was no food and not even in the cabinets. I asked my daughter where is your food?  You just got your food stamps? She said her husband helped a family in need. Well, I knew she was lying. He was selling them just like he did everything else. We could not buy anything for her or the baby that he would not try to return or sell.

He also moved in a registered child sex offender into their house. When I asked him if he knew he was a registered sex offender, he said he knew. And not long afterwards he moved out.

He took off and left my daughter when her daughter was almost two (2) months old. I went out to see her and the baby. They fought all night on the phone. The trailer was filthy and so was the baby. I told my daughter I was not going to sit by and let the baby be neglected.

She told me that her husband had stolen some rifles and guns from a drug dealer. The drug dealer held my daughter and granddaughter hostage and threaten to cut them up if he didn’t return the riffles. Her grandma took him to go get the weapons back.

She began to tell me how they were hooked on crack. I also found a crack pipe in their trailer. I told her I could get her in treatment with the baby. If she didn’t clean up the house, take care of the baby, get help for drugs and get rid of him. I would turn them in to OKDHS/CPS.

I ended up turning them in to OKDHS/CPS. OKDHS/CPS came out with police and even found a crack pipe. After they left they contacted my mother and she helped them with money for bus tickets to get out of the county. I didn’t find out until months later they were in Sequoayah County. And they were allowed to get on welfare again even though they were being investigated by OKDHS/CPS for child abuse and neglect. The story was also on News Channel 4.

I had even written letters to the editor of the newspaper both in Logan and Sequoyah Counties trying to get help for my granddaughter. I even was on the news trying to get some help. OKDHS from SC even contacted me by phone and told me that they was concerned about child abuse and drug dealing. And I said why don’t you all do something? I told them everything I knew and still nothing was done.

When my daughter had the second baby, my first grandson. We came to Muldrow, Oklahoma where they were living. The father’s family was there. He and his family (the males most the time) were going in and out the backdoor to drink and smoke pot. We knew because we could see they were high and could smell it. He missed most of his daughter’s birthday.

The baby would have a bottle propped up. He was a newborn. He got choked and his father grabbed the carseat he was in and tipped it upside down letting him dangle and shaking the car seat. I told him not to do that and I took the baby out of the car seat.

The father’s relatives children had headlice really bad. You could actually see them crawling on them as they sat next to you. Their children were filthy. It was a very sad sight to see. One baby we saw sit in a car seat for hours and no one touched the baby, changed the baby or fed the baby at all.

We didn’t see them again until he threw my daughter and the children out to move in another woman. She came and stayed with us. Again she came with nothing not even shoes, diapers or anything. The family got together and got what we could for them.

My daughter and I got into arguments alot because she would hit the 2 yr old across the face many times, yell and cuss at her. She would leave her baby who was 3 months old in the bathtub by himself. She got upset cause I made her treated her daughter and her head for headlice. She didn’t want to get up and fix them breakfast and informed us her children did not eat breakfast and we told her in this house they do eat breakfast.

After we helped her out she ended up cussing us out and going back to her husband and we would not see the children accept maybe by webcam online if they were not mad at us. If we said anything about how they hit, cussed, yelled, fought, drugs, drinking, filthy house we didn’t get to see the grandchildren. And we had to accept the father or we didn’t get to see them.

When it was our grandson’s first birthday I watched by webcam for 10 hours. I saw children running in and out of the house unsupervised. And I saw the father and his family carrying in alot of cases of beer and partying. I never saw my grandson’s cake or him blowing out his first candle.

When my daughter was pregnant with her third child (another boy) we tried to get her to get her tubes tied and she wouldn’t. She didn’t have once again any maturity clothes or care with this pregnancy, either. She ended up in a hospital in Tulsa. I stayed in contact with them by webcam. They was constantly complaining about how bad they were being treated by the hospital staff. They always did this. The f ather got real upset because he had to spend money and go wash everything at the laundry mat and treat his wife’s head because the hospital told them that she had headlice really bad.

Everytime I have seen my daughter and grandchildren they had headlice especially the oldest because they usually they shaved the boys heads. We always had to buy headlice medicine everytime they came to our house for them. The father would shave his and the boys heads and the mother would cut her daughter’s hair real short or they dye their hair black to cover up that they have headlice.

My husband and I went to the thrift store and got the grandchildren clothes because they had none. They wouldn’t have shoes or socks most the time. They usually are in a diaper hanging down between their knees. They usually do not have clothes on them. They are usually very dirty and smelled. The oldest girl had on a molded pair of panties when she came to live with me that was a size 4, she is a size 7-8. She was wearing a pair of her brother’s old socks that were filthy. They never have clothes or shoes on that fit them unless we tried to buy them clothes.

They were also reported by their neighbors in December of 2010 because their father was walking around nude in front of the children. They were evicted again and moved into my mother’s house just four houses from me. OKDHS placed parent Aid in their home for weekly visits to make sure they were taking care of their children.

The first time my grandchildren ever went to the park was when we took them and their mother. We had a picnic and let them play on the toys. This was when they were 1, 2 and 4 years old. You would of thought we took them to Disney Land. Their mother acted like she didn’t want to be there at all and only yelled at the children.

We have seen where they put their children to bed at 5:30pm. We have also been over there and their parents did not get up until 3:30pm. Their parents have also threw all their toys outside or locked them up in the closet at their house on Warner street for days at a time and made them sit in their rooms and play with nothing.

The father lies to gets disability only because he claims mental illness in order to not have to work. He brags about purposely going off on a counselor in order to get it. They get food stamps which he trades half or more for drugs and has for over 5 years to his cousin. They also get hundreds of dollars from my mother every month and have their whole relationship. Yet, they have been evicted many times by landlords in Muldrow, Sallisaw & Guthrie, Oklahoma. They have lived without utilities for months at a time. He rents riding lawn mowers to drive around because he lost his driver’s license and he also mows yards for extra money even though he is disabled.

Many times they only eat for breakfast dry cereal and water. The childrens’ room will have no curtains, carpets, no covers, or any stuff animals to sleep with and no night light. No hugs and kisses at bedtime. Their toys are usually broke or molded.

They are always asking for medicines for the children when they are sick. He will not buy any cleaning or hygiene supplies for the house. But yet he has cigarettes, bear, drugs and he rents a big screen television and flat screen televisions for himself. They also have cellphones, xbox, computers, laptops and internet.

My granddaughter has broken out many windows, ran away, kicked in walls to get out of the house. I have even called my daughter around noon and she didn’t know where her children were and found them outside by themselves, or down the street or over at the neighbors when she was in Texas at my brother’s house.

They have been turned into OKDHS in Logan & Sequoyah Counties so many times it is not even funny. There has been family, friends, neighbors, landlords all turn them in for the past 5 ½ years.

The father has beaten my daughter many times because she refused to leave with the children when he wanted to bring another woman into their house. The last beating he gave her, he punched her, kicked her, bit her, ripped out the phone all in front of their children while his cousin held her down so she could not fight back. Then him and his Aunt, two cousins and girlfriend took off with the children. She got herself up and went to her father-in-law’s house and called the police and her grandma.

My mother and brother came from Texas and picked her and the children up and took them back to Texas to stay with them. Her uncle took pictures of the trailer and how bad it was with his cellphone. The trailer was horrible and filthy they said and couldn’t believe they lived like that.

When she and her three children was living in Texas at her uncle’s house. She didn’t want to take care of the children. They would be outside by themselves and she would be asleep. She would stay on the phone or internet talking to men. I tried to get her to press charges on her husband, file for a protective order and get a divorce from him. She wouldn’t do it. Her uncle ended up kicking her out and dropping her off in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

I found her a three bedroom house. I explained to the landlord her circumstances and the abuse. The family came together and her get a house and utilities on for her and the children. I would go over to her house daily it would be filthy, children unattended, diapers were brown and down between the boys knees. Stuff tore up all over the house. They would eat full jars of anything out of the refrigerator, drink bottles of shampoo, lotion, whatever they could find because they were hungry. There would be cigarettes butts all over the floor. I would go over and clean it daily.

Even with all the food stamps and we just took her shopping she still would give them dry cereal and water for breakfast. I would go to the store and help her shop because she didn’t know how to so she claimed. They would be constipated for days at a time. They would play in the water in the bathroom. Climb up on chairs and stand on top of the stove.

She would put all three of them in the bathtub together when they were 1, 2, and 4 years old and go outside and sit and smoke. And have her daughter to watch them. The 2 year old got burnt by the stove on his hand and stomach. She didn’t take him to the doctor or hospital. I took pictures and put medicine on it for him. And I called the hospital and spoke to the nurse about his burned hand and stomach.

They children would get a new bruise or mark on them and I would ask what happened and my grandchildren told me that their mommy did it. She was always hitting them in the face several times. After not getting anywhere with her about the abuse she cussed me and my husband out and threw us out of the house. I contacted OKDHS and reported her for child abuse, again. This was in September 1, 2010.


I got many phone calls from other family members and landlords telling me about the abuse they saw and I told them to report it by calling Child Abuse hotline. She was bringing in other men she met online and letting them watch her children. Then she took her husband back in December 2010 and they were evicted by the landlady. I didn’t see my grandchildren again until May of 2011 they had moved into her grandma’s house just a few houses from me.


The parents caseworker DHS/CPS Child Welfare came by my house last week and asked what was going on and I told her everything. She said this was bad parenting but she didn’t have enough proof to remove the children. She said she needed more recent evidence. She ask me to bring my granddaughter into her office so she could speak to her and I did. This was the first time in five (5) years any child welfare worker came to my house and ask me about my grandchildren.

I also tried to contact the worker over the weekend to let her know about the children being filthy when I saw them on Saturday (11/5/2011) and alot of traffic in and out of the house and drug use. I even told her about the head lice, again. I sent her a message on Facebook. She told me she couldn’t discuss the case on Facebook and for me to call her and I did. I told her we have made arrangements for a place for all of the children when and if they are removed them from their parents’ house.


On 11/7/2011, the parent aid and her supervisor came by to see my oldest granddaughter at my house. I spoke with them privately also. And I told them they could talked with her privately if they wanted to and they did. They asked to see her room and showed them her room. I told them everything and showed them pictures of abuse, neglect and domestic abuse. I also showed them where the parents both signed for my husband and me to take our granddaughter to school, doctor, dentist, and parent/teachers meetings. Also showed them that we have a copy of her birth certificate, social security card and shot records.

I also told them that their father gave us a little bit of money for food and to take her to take her to school. But yet he rents all this other stuff monthly, has cigarettes, beer and drugs but can’t provide for any of his children or wife.

On Monday, November 7, 2011, my granddaughter told the parent aid and her supervisor about the abuse, being whipped with a board, not being feed, also about her daddy smoking weed in the house. I was very concerned if OKDHS/CPS didn’t do anything my granddaughter’s could be hurt because she told. It is now Friday the 11th and the weekends she goes to her parents. Her mother , my daughter called me and demanded my granddaughter’s clothes and stuff that we bought for her. I asked why, she kept screaming “cause she is my daughter” and I told her there was no reason to scream just tell me why. Finally she told me she knew about the photos. Now my granddaughter only knows about the headlice photos we took of her last Sunday but not about all the others only the parent aide and her supervisor we showed them to.

I think this is a more than enough evidence to remove my grandchildren from an abusive and unsafe home. If this is not abuse and neglect then I don’t what is. We are pleading for someone to please help us before something happens to one of the children. We have been to OKDHS, CPS, Police, D.A., CPS, News and parent aid.


There is now a new baby (a girl) she was born on November 2, 2011. Her sister says her momma lets her cry alot at night and that she cries alot and loud. My granddaughter (age 5) sings a song she made up for her. “Don’t cry baby sister its okay you will always be in my heart.”


On November 12, 2011, CPS contacted me by phone and told me they just removed all four of the children and need me to get ahold of another family member to come to pick the children and me up at my house and bring us to her apartment and I could help her with all the children cause she also has two children until my husband and i got approved as Kinship Foster Parents.

The worker and the police brought all four of the children to my house. The worker told me about how their fatheracted and how violent he was. She asked if he had a gun? I told her I didn’t know. She told me the parents were asleep, the boys was running around with dirty diapers on, the baby had almost sucked her fist raw, roaches was in her crib. The worker stayed until the other family member showed up to get us. The other family member filled out paper work to become foster parents to the children and we did the follow day.

I treated the oldest head for head lice again. Then we took all the children to another town to keep them safe because we live only four houses from the parents until we got approved as their Kinship Foster Parents.

On 12/22/2012 the four (4) children was placed in another foster home and have bounced from foster home to foster home ever since.

The oldest is in a Psychiatric Hospital for children with emotional and behavioral problems because of the mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse she endure by her parents. Do not know if she is still there or not.


Episode called “Horrific Child Abuse” aired on Jan. 31, 2012


  • UPDATE – 12/05/2013 – Born in Sept of 2013

There is now a 5th child, a boy named Stephen. He was taken at birth by OKDHS/CPS.

  • 2014-15?  Parental rights terminated of five children.
  • 2016 – 6TH CHILD BORN 

The mother had a 6th child, a baby girl. she claims is from another father and the baby was taken from her a few months old by OKDHS.

The father of the first five (5) children moved out of state of Oklahoma.


The mother claims she had been separated from her husband since 2014. And filed for a divorce in July of 2017.

She filed for a protective order against her husband but it was denied.

The mother claims to have her 6th child returned to her by Logan County OKDH & the courts.






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