Allegations Against  the Parents

while living in Logan & Sequoyah County


1.       They would dye, cut or shave children’s heads because of headlice.

2.       There was headlice found in newborn baby’s diaper and roaches crawling on her.

3.       They traded and sold their Food Stamps for cash, drugs, cigarettes or alcohol.

4.       Domestic abuse in front of the children.

5.       Drill the refrigerator door shut.

6.       House infested with lice, cockroaches, flies and spiders.

7.       They have been evicted, or abandoned or told to leave their homes at least six (6) times.

8.       Burns, scratches and bruises on the children.

9.       Spanking the children with a wooden board and leaving bruises on them.

10.   They would threaten children they would call OKDHS to pick them up and take them to the shelter and kill them.

11.   Children very seldom had clothes, diapers, shoes or socks.

12.   All plug-ins were removed and wires hanging out in their bedrooms the last two houses they lived in and would shock the children.

13.   Their 2 year old son drank bug poison.

14.   The 2 year old will be in a diaper brown hanging between his knees.

15.   The children always asked for food and something to drink.

16.   The toys would be old and molded from being left outside in the rain.

17.   Mold on the walls of the house.

18.   Dirty diapers on the floor.

19.   No proper plumbing in the house.

20.   The front yard would be trashed out and the city gave them many warnings.

21.   They would abandon their pets and not feed them. One dog they left for a few days out on a chain with no food or water and the dog was found hanging on the fence dead.

22.   The children would be found by neighbors and strangers wondering around outside by themselves and even naked.

23.   The father walked around the house naked in front of them.

24.   The father would beat their mother in front of them and then his family helped him kidnap the children.

25.   The mother has filed two (2) protective orders on him but she always takes him back.

26.   The children have not had a proper education.

27.   The 3 year old the parents claim was hit in the head with a hammer.

28.   The father claims he was accused of child molestation in the past.

29.   The mother claimed the father wont change the children cause he has molested a child before in the past.

30.   The mother has used make-up to cover up bruises on the children.

31.   The parents sleep until the afternoon leaving the children unattended.

32.   The parents both failed their lie detector tests and admitted to many allegations on the Steve Wilkos Show aired on January 31, 2012.

33.   The oldest daughter claims she has watched nude boys on television with her father.

34.   The oldest daughter was taught how to steal by her father.

35.   The oldest daughter has claimed her daddy loves beer and weed and smokes it all the time.

36.   The children would get sick or hurt and the parents would not take them to the doctor.

37.   The children would eat dry cereal and water they got from the bathroom tub for their first meal of the day.

38.   The children did not know how to brush their teeth, wash their hands or use soap.

39.   The two boys tested positive for lead poisoning.

40.   Most of the time they would not have toilet paper or reuse the toilet paper.

41.   The children would get rashes if given juice cause they were not use to having it and it had to be deluted like you would for a baby.

42.   The two older children would wrap their  2 year little brother up in a sheet and swing him around and hit his head on the walls or drop him on the floor while the parents were sleeping.

43.   The parents would be asleep instead of supervising the children.

44.   The 2 year old would go around lifting cushions on the furniture and eat crumbs.

45.   The house would be filled with smoke so bad the children smelt like smoke.

46.   The oldest was sent to school smelling like smoke and urine.

47.   The children’s room had no curtains or carpet.

48.   At times they had no water or heat.

49.   The father would take the mother to truck stops to get money while children waited in the vehicle with him.

50.   They would leave the children alone in the bathtub.

51. The second child would eat dog food.

52. The father claims to have two other children not by two other women besides his wife.

53. When the oldest was a infant the father had stolen some riffles from a drug dealer. The drug dealer held his wife and new born baby hostage until he brought the riffles back. He told him he would cut up his wife and baby in front of him if he did not get the riffles back.

54.  If you bought anything for the children the father would try to sell it.

55.  They would claim family members had died to get people to feel sorry for them and give them money.

56.  They took thousands of dollars from the mother’s grandmother.

57.  They have been  reported for child abuse many times in two different counties.

58. They would allow the oldest when she was two years old spend the night at neighbor’s house with teenage boys.

59. The father would call up his wife’s family and tell them they better come and get her before he beats her.

 60. He would stalk and harass his wife’s family.





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