• 1ST CHILD K.T. – AGE 5 WHEN OKDHS TOOK HER ON 11/12/2011

Kaylie (1)The 5 year old when we would see her she would be dirty, smelling like urine and smoke. There would be food all over her face and clothes. The saddest was seeing her sit in her window with such a sad face. She had no curtains or carpet in her room. At this time her bed was either the floor or a smelly old couch was in her room full of urine and cockroaches. Her toys was dirty, molded and broken what few she had.

The three of the walls of her room she had kicked in the walls clear to the outside boards of the house. Her mother covered them up with blankets. She also would break out the windows and her and her brothers climb outside in her previous homes.

We have to treat her head for head lice weekly cause she had them so bad and would get them again when she return to her parents house. Her father dyed her hair black so head lice couldn’t be seen. She was dirty and smelled like urine most of the time. She was crying when CPS and the police brought to our house and told us that her daddy told her to scream at the cops. She also told us that her father told her that if she is taken to the shelter by DHS they would kill her. I can only imagine what was going through her little head and heart at the time.

When she came to stay with us on weekdays only it was Sunday, October 2, 2011 she could not say her ABCs, spell her name, she didn’t know her colors. She had a very hard time at first with receiving hugs and kisses and asked why we told her we love her all the time. She worried about her brothers alot. She didn’t know what a vacuum cleaner was or a toilet paper holder was. We had to put her in pull ups at night cause she would wet the bed and have terrible nightmares. She would go into violent rages screaming, spitting, yelling, kicking, hitting, etc.

She would get sick easy when given milk or juice and break out in a rash cause she was not use to drinking them. We would have to delute the juice like you would an infant.

At school she hit the teacher, pulled her pants down in front of the class, and was caught with two boys with her pants down at school. She acted out sexually with dolls and touches herself in her sleep. She claims her daddy and her watched naked boys on television. She would have nightmares and wake up screaming. She wet the bed and even would wet herself while awake.

She would be made to fix her brothers and her dry cereal and water for brrakfast after her mommy would get up and unlock the kitchen and then relock it and go back to bed after she was done.

When I asked her what she wanted for her room here she told me curtains and carpet and asked if her room would have a bed. it just broke my heart. A child should ask for toys not curtains and carpet and a bed.

Her behavior we have noticed after she has contact with her parents especially her dad she is nervous, hipper, wets herself while awake or sleep, has nightmares, cries a lot, and acts as if she can’t do anything. She thinks she is bad and ugly cause they tell her “she is acting ugly and God don’t like ugly.” When she has not been around her parents she does not act like this.

Her father has told her he was going to call OKDHS to come and get her because he is sick of how she treats them. He told her they will take her to the shelter and kill her. He cusses at her and her brothers and whips them a lot with a board. He makes them stay in their rooms all day with no toys. He refuses them food as a punishment.

She would tell us she worried about her brothers a lot but yet also would tell us how much she hated her 3 year old brother and loved her other brother. We would encourage her to love both her brothers the same.

She seem to have no emotions when something was sad and would laugh if someone got hurt.

She would act out sexually, touching herself in her sleep. She pulled her pants down in front of the whole class at school and she was caught with her pants down with two boys at school. But when talking to her about it she acted as if she didn’t’ know anything about it as if she never did it at all or even knew it was wrong. She would steal at school and she hit her teacher.

When she was taken to a store she would point out things she or her daddy had stolen. She didn’t seem to know how to act in public. She always seem to act much older than she was. And would even be flirtations when grown men. She would try to dance sexually and I would have to explain to her why she shouldn’t dance that way.

She would tell me her and her daddy watched naked boys on television. I noticed she wasn’t to interested in cartoons. She was very hyper at times. And she would hide things alot.

She would ask me why I told her I loved her all the time and I told her cause I do love you and I want you to know how much you are loved.

She seemed to be very jealous over her sibling especially her new baby sister. I got her a baby doll and gave her a bottle, burp cloth, bib, clothes, diapers etc. So, when I was changing and taking care of her baby sister she could also take her baby doll to teach her how to be gentle with her sister because she would be very violent with her dolls.

She at times would throw very violent fits of rage by screaming, yelling, kicking, spitting, throwing things all because I asked her to brush her hair or put something up. This was not a normal temper tantrum this was a full blown rage I have seen her do since she was around 2 years.

UPDATE: Parents parental rights terminated

  • 2ND CHILD G.T.  – AGE 3 WHEN OKDHS TOOK HIM ON 11/12/2011

Boomer (1)Oct, 31, 2011 – He came to stay with us while his mommy had the baby. He had to be bathed. He had a hard time with speech, holding a spoon, drinking from a tippy cup, and he was not fully potty trained. He continuely asked us if he could live with us. He was thirsty and hungry all the time. He would stuff his mouth full and wouldn’t hardly chew his food. We noticed he couldn’t have a bowel movement. He seemed very scared and afraid. He didn’t know how to brush his teeth or wash his hands.

On November 3, 2011, We took him to see his new sister. When we left he wanted to come home with us and it broke our heart we had to leave him there. We tried to check on him as much as possible to make sure he was alright. He would be filthy, unbathed, no underwear or pull up on. He wouldn’t have shoes or socks on. He would be covered with snots, food and dirt and smelled from not being bathed.

He would sit in his sister’s room window and cry when we would leave waving wanting to go also. It just broke our hearts to see him and knew we needed to somehow get him and his brother and baby sister out of there.

Nov. 12, 2011 – He was brought to our home after OKDHS/CPS removed him from his parents. He had marks on his bottom from being whipped with a board. He also smelled and needed a bath. He didn’t like soap to be put on him. He was very hungry. He tried to go to the bathroom to get water out of the bathtub because that is were they were told to get it by their parents out of the bathtub. He is kind of slow cause his mother claims he was hit with a hammer when he was a baby. He would crawl on the floors and around the furniture like an army man would on the ground a lot.

He would remove his underwear that was bought for him and hide them cause he was not use to wearing them. He didn’t know how to wear clothes and would take them off and same with socks and shoes. He would punch the walls and his bed and also punch himself in his privates and didn’t even show any pain when he did it. He would be abusive to his little brother.

He would repeat and do everything his sister did. He didn’t sit still much at all and watching television like cartoons he didn’t seem to interested in but Dora. He would talk to himself. He would rock back and forth. He would hit himself in the head.

Also when I was letting his baby sister lay on the couch sitting beside her, he walked up to her and asked me who she was. I told him this is your baby sister and he asked me what her name was and I told him. It was as if he did not even know he had a baby sister.

He never once cried or asked for either of his parents or any of his father’s family. When he would go for the supervised visit with his parents he stopped outside and asked “Gammy, me coming back?” and I said yes baby your coming back. He then asked for kisses and hugs. When he would come home from the visit he would be very aggressive, upset and want to eat and eat. He would use food to comfort himself. he would not be still, run all over the place and act out alot. We could tell these visits with his parents effected him in a very negative way.

When we had to tell him that OKDHS was coming to take him from our house to a new home he cried and cried, threw himself on his PaPa chest and me and kept saying PaPa Why? Why? and just cried and cried. He begged to stay with us. And then he would throw himself on me. He did this for almost 30 minutes. It was so heartbreaking.

UPDATE: Parents parental rights terminated

  • 3RD CHILD P.T.  – AGE 2 WHEN OKDHS TOOK HIM ON 11/12/2011

PJ (2)October 31, 2011 he stayed with us while his mother had his baby sister. He was very quiet and he couldn’t use a spoon very well, wiped his hands on his clothes, he didn’t like to be washed and soap on him scared him. If you tried to give him high 5 he would duck thinking you were going to hit him.

We had to give him a bath first thing because he smelled so bad. He didn’t like to keep clothes on. Most the time we saw him he had on just a diaper brown hanging down between his knees because we were told his daddy only allowed him to be changed once a day.

When OKDHS removed him from his parents he had bruises and knots on his forehead and the crown of his head so bad a family member was told by CPS worker to take him to the Emergency Room. The doctor didn’t know if it was a new or old injury. He was swollen and bruised for over a week. He also showed no pain as if he was use to it.

He never asked about his parents when he stayed with us. He did start to speak more. When his hair started to grow out he would pull at his hair. We started working on potty training him. We got him use to brushing his teeth and taking a bath with soap. He begin to want hugs and kisses from us and ask for them a lot.

We  had to water down juice for him so he would not get rashes. He also had a hard time going to the rest room.

UPDATE: Parents parental rights terminated


049On Nov, 1, 2011 she was born but while she was in her mommy’s belly all we heard is how sick she was of being pregnant and wanted the baby out of her. Her dad would grab fists full of her belly and shake it violently and scream WAKE UP IN THERE! They both would laugh and I would tell him to stop that you could hurt the baby. And he would say I did that with the other kids too.

Her mommy would leave her alone with her 5 year old sister to watch while she went and smoked with daddy in the back room of the house. She would wake up at night and cry and her sister would sing to her “Don’t cry baby sister you will always be in my heart,” because their parents would not get up and feed and take care of the baby.

On Nov. 12, 2011, The baby was 11 days old when OKDHS/ removed her from her parents. She had a bad diaper rash, she was crying and had sucked her fist almost  raw, and had on a dirty diaper, roaches crawling on her and lice found in her diaper. The parents were both sleeping and the other three children were running wild through house. They were dirty and had not been changed or feed. It was around noon.

The baby didn’t like being held at first. And she did not burp. Her belly button had not been cleaned and was infected. She had not had a bath. She seem to have trouble with her neck. Her brother (Gerald) came up to her and asked me who she was? I told him, she is your baby sister. And he asked what is her name? I told him her name.

UPDATE: Parents parental rights terminated


baby_footprintsA new baby born in 2013, a boy named S. and he was taken at birth by OKDHS. We have never seen him. And we only know he is an infant less than 3 months old. We started a petition to get the parents parental rights terminated for him as well.

UPDATE: Parents parental rights terminated.



babygrlA new baby girl was born to the mother by a different father. All we know is she was a few months old when she was taken by OKDHS.

UPFATE: The mother claims to have her back.



This is the house she is living in where she has lost five of her six children. We cannot let OKDHS give her Baby M back to live in this nightmare. There has been nothing but abuse in this house for almost 50 years. –  SIGN the HOUSE OF HORROR – TEAR IT DOWN PETITION







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