Harassment & Slander


  • The parent came to our house and tried to start a fight and then called police and claimed I assaulted them.
  • The parents called the police to our house and an officer came to the house for a welfare check.
  • The parents called the police at our house accusing us of stealing their dog.
  • The parents made up a fake profile of me on Facebook claiming  I was the one who abused my grandchildren. I got a call from OKDHS asking me if I made the profile and said these things? I told them no. On File at OKDHS
  • The day before I was to appear on the Steve Wilkos Show, the parents called the police to my house again. The officer asked if I made a Facebook profile and admitted to abusing my grandchildren. I told him no I did not. And then he asked to see my Facebook profile and asked if I was a hacker. And I showed him my Facebook and told him no I was not a hacker. See Fake Profile that the parents showed to OKDHS & Police.
  • The father downloaded one of my old YouTube Videos about my child abuse and posted it on his Facebook. You can read the accusations and threats posted by him and his family. See Posts | Screen Shot 1 | Screen Shot 2 | Screen Shot 3
  • The mother filed two false protective orders against my husband and I accusing us of stalking, spying, harassing, child abuse on her, religious abuse, and other false accusations. Both the protective orders were dismissed by the judge. PO 1 | PO 2
  • The parents and my mother recorded a video of retaliation and slander about me because I reported them for child abuse as well as many others. They uploaded it on YouTube. She claims it is in response to my video of me talking about my childhood abuse. She seems very confused and you can hear the parents telling her on what to say.  She had just recently gotten out of the hospital in Texas for several months on “claims” of a stroke. She wasn’t suppose to be traveling. But they had her travel here to Oklahoma to defend them. They have mistreated her for years, taking all her money, she paid all their bills and rent since my daughter was 18 years old. Ask any landlord they will tell you. They have been reported for elderly abuse as well. Watch Video
  • The parents called the radio show (Victims Speak Out) I was a guest on to share my child abuse story. When they were not connected on the air by the host, my mother then called into the show. Listen Here
  • The “father” sent me this video called “I’ll Pray For You” about praying for someone to get hurt or killed. Watch Here
  • Here is the father’s Aunt the same one who help him kidnap three children after he beat up their mother in front of them.  She followed me online and accused me of abusing the children.  View Screen Shot Here
  • The father’s mother and step dad came to the parents house on Nov 10th, 2011, just 2 days before the four oldest children were removed by OKDHS/CPS. The parents called me and asked if we would drop off the oldest granddaughter at their house because we took her back and forth to school. We only lived 4 houses from each other. We did as they asked and within 15-20 minutes they sent her back to my house. My granddaughter asked me who that woman was? I told her that she was her other grandmother. The children were removed by OKDHS on November 11th or 12, 2011. Then on Dec. 26, 2011 she started this Online Petition defending the parents, slandering me and uploaded this Video to YouTube slandering me. The house did not look like this at all when the children lived there. View Photos – The photos in her video were not taking all the same day as she claims (Nov. 10. 2011) , I know cause I took some of the photos of the grandchildren and those are the clothes we had gotten them also.  She really doctored up the photos.  The children’s bedroom did not look as she claimed in the video. These are photos after the children was already gone. Look at the date of the video Dec. 26, 2011. View Photos of how the house really looked when they were removed by OKDHS/CPS.

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