OKDHS Deception

14289836_BG2Please read and at the bottom is document proof.

In 1994, I was arrested for drugs and for Assault &/Or Battery W/Dangerous Weapon on a parole officer (Rosita O.) while acting in the duty of a police officer.   The weapon was a chair. I had a drug and alcohol problem back then. I volunteered and went to long term treatment for five (5) months with my three children at Eagle Ridge Family Treatment Center. I completed my treatment. I received 3 years of supervised probation (Probation Officer Bonnie T. ) by the judge and was off probation within 9 months. I have been clean and sober, no record or charges of any kind for over 19 years now.

In 1999, I was approached by a OKDHS worker Janis who asked me if I wanted to run a in home licensed daycare and take in OKDHS client’s children.  I told her I couldn’t cause I had felons in my past (1994) . She said that OKDHS could help get my record pardon and expunged. And we began the process to do this.

I had to write a letter to the judge. I had to get letters from people who knew me and knew I had changed and was clean and sober. I had gotten letters from A.A. sponsors, my probation officer (Bonnie T. ) and even from the parole officer Rosita O. who I assaulted back in 1994. I had made an amends to her back in 1995.

The OKDHS worker Janis told me the judge was so impressed with my letter and he was glad to give me a pardon. I was licensed for 3 years as a home care provider for children.  My daycare was called “Gratitude Christian Childcare.” I took in many children and still have all the records from it.

All these years I had believed my record was cleared. If you obtained a copy of my OSBI it would be clear of all felonies.

On November 18, 2011, the four grandchildren was placed with my husband and I as their Kinship Foster Parents.  The parole officer I had assaulted back in 1994 was now a case worker. She is the one who removed my four grandchildren and placed them in my home. She done all the background checks, Welfare background checks done on both of us.  And we were both clear to become their Kinship Foster Parents to our four grandchildren.

The worker (Bonnie T.) who would pick the children up at my home to take them to their supervised visits with their parents. She was my probation officer back in 1994 when I got the felonies. So, both of these workers knew about my felonies and also knew they were pardon/expunged by a judge through OKDHS who they worked for at the time my grandchildren were removed from their abusive parents and into my home.

On Dec. 22, 2011, at 11:45am, the childrens case worker Jennie called my home and asked if we were going to be there and I told her yes and asked her what was wrong. I could tell something was wrong by her voice. I asked her if they were taking the grandchildren and she said yes. I asked why? And I was told by her supervisor Pam Smith it was because of my felony record. I was shocked. I said what record? It has been expunged and you know it has cause OKDHS is the one who got it cleared back in 1999 so I could become a child care provider and take in OKDHS clients children. No one would listen or hear me out. And they removed all four of my grandchildren three (3) days before Christmas.

Now I want to know how was a able to be licensed as a Child Care Provider and a Kinship Foster Parent through OKDHS as a felon? Either OKDHS got my recorded expunged and pardon as they claimed or they lied to me and licensed a felon.

For over 19 years I have been in no trouble with the law. I have been clean and sober. I am a licensed pastor. I have been smoke free since May of 2010. I have had no criminal record in all these years. And then all of a sudden my felony record is online but not on my OSBI record? This does not make sense to me.

How could two case workers (Rosita O. & Bonnie T.) who were parole officers back in 1994, one I assaulted the other was my probation officer not know about my felonies if they had not been pardoned? I mean, Rosita T. done both criminal and welfare background checks on me and found nothing on me. My probation officer Bonnie T. in 1994 wrote a letter for the judge to help me get my felony record expunged.

I was even asked by Pam Smith of OKDHS if we were willing to adopt the grandchildren and I told her yes. I do know that the laws in Oklahoma for adoption that they cannot go back on you more than five (5) years fro a felony record.

I have not seen my four grandchildren since Feb. of 2012 and just found out on Dec. 12/5/2013 that there was a 5th child born who was remove from birth by OKDHS.

  • Document Proof of my Licenses by OKDHS

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